Koreans do everything together. When out at a restaurant nobody orders their own meal from their own menu. Everybody shares the same food. Everybody pours drinks for each other.

This past Friday, March 4th was my co-teacher’s birthday. Another teacher brought strawberry cake to celebrate with after lunch. There were five teachers and two slices of cake. Everybody ate the same piece at the same time with chopsticks.

At schools in Korea it is common practice for teachers and students to brush their teeth after lunch. During my first year in Korea, I never participated in this ritual. But this year I have decided to embrace the local culture more. In my teachers’ office there is a sink. I brought my toothbrush and toothpaste to school on my second day, and I brushed my teeth with the other teachers at our sink after lunch. It was a little thing, but it did make me feel like one of them.