I discovered this hidden treasure by accident. My original plan was to visit a market that’s listed on my tourist map of Daegu. When I exited the subway, I saw the Gyesan Cathedral, which is one of the earliest gothic-style Catholic churches in South Korea. I found the architecture to be beautiful, so I walked toward it. As I got closer I saw a sign in the shape of a guitar.


An art street sounded interesting, so I followed the signs. I entered the Bangcheon Market, which looked dead. I walked around until I started to see pictures painted on the concrete walls. I followed them like a trail of breadcrumbs to Kim Kwang Seok Road. This alley of art is dedicated to the legendary Korean folk singer who passed away in 1996. Most of the murals have a music theme.


Some of the murals are creative for the sake of creativity.


Of course because this is Korea, some of the art instillations are meant for couples…


… as well as lovers of animated characters.


My favorites were the interactive pieces.


But the best murals were of the dearly missed musician.


Rest in peace, Kim.