Last Saturday my friends and I went to an amusement park in Daegu called E-World. An adult day pass costs 37,000 Won.

The first thing we did was eat lunch. Everybody ordered pasta, which was surprisingly good. We were eating outside when the smallest, least exciting parade in history passed by. Sadly we had to seem them two more times later. Those actors must have been paid quite well to smile so big for so long.

Then we went to the haunted house, which was extremely disappointing. You just walk down dark hallways. The black walls are illustrated with “scary” images using glow-in-the-dark paint. And there were random loud noises. The end.

Because it’s Korea, love was more prevalent than fear. E-World caters to families with young children and couples. You can see big red hearts and signs with the word LOVE everywhere. There were love seats, a tunnel of love, and a love garden. Nearly every couple we saw, which was a lot, was wearing a matching outfit. Koreans love to be cute.

Assuming the ‘E’ in E-World does stand for ‘Entertainment,’ there actually was some.

There were only three traditional rollercoasters. I went on two of them. The first one was called Hurricane. It flipped and cork-screwed. The next one was called Boomerang. It flipped and cork-screwed too, but much more and while going backwards. So I watched everybody’s coats and bags. The final rollercoaster did not flip upside down, but it was fun and fast. The other rides were like carnival / fair rides. Two of my friends went on one of those rides while the rest of us waited. This ride did nothing but flip. Being white, it was obvious that my two friends were the only foreigners on the ride, so the operator stopped the ride at one point to talk to them on the loud-speaker. He asked where they’re from. They yelled back, “South Africa!” He responded with, “Wow. Very beautiful. I love you.”

The zoo had an interesting variety of animals. There were hedgehogs, prairie dogs, squirrels, rabbits, sheep, piranha, scorpions, and birds.

We left just as the sun had started to set. We had pizza for dinner before going to our first noraebang together. We booked a room for an hour. For our final two songs, we all sang “Radioactive” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as a group. It was a great way to end the night.