I asked my co-teacher how to look up the show times for movies online. My friend Saskia and I wanted to see Batman vs. Superman. Instead, she ordered our movie tickets online, and told me we were going to the theater with the big Spider-man statue in front of it. We had both seen it before, so we felt confident in finding it. Yet it ended up taking us nearly an hour to find it. With some time to spare we decided to get dinner at a sandwich shop called Grandma Truck. Our orders took so long, that we had to just grab them and run.


When handed in our ticket, the woman behind the counter just shook her head no. She didn’t speak English, but luckily there was a Korean guy there who did. He looked at our ticket, and said we were at the wrong theater. He offered to let us follow him to the correct theater. I was furious, certain that we had already missed the beginning. He assured me that the previews were still showing.

During our journey to the CGV, our guide asked, “Are you two together?” Saskia explained that we’re just friends. He replied with: “That’s a good start.” I was too anxious to form any kind of response. Saskia, however, remained cool and calm.

We entered the building, and the elevator indicated that the movies were showing on the ninth floor. The elevator only went to the seventh floor, and from there we had to take two escalators.

We showed our ticket and got directed to a nearly empty room just as the final preview ended. The movie started right after we sat down.


What I learned from this experience is that I should have trusted myself and gone to the theater just outside Jungangro Station. I knew it, but I didn’t go with my gut. I also should have had faith like my guide and friend, who were optimistic in spite of everything.

I’m glad I didn’t give up and walk away like I was tempted to do, because this was a great movie.