Saturday April 16, 2016

Today I went to the Cat Cafe with two of my friends that I hadn’t seen since EPIK Orientation.

Pet Cafes are very popular in Korea and Japan, so I just had to experience it.

It costs 8,000 Won to enter, which includes your drink.

You must put up your shoes, and wear slippers (indoor shoes).

There were about a dozen cats, and one dog for some reason. One of the rules was that you’re not allowed to pick up the animals. You are allowed to pet them if they come to you.

The cafe smelled like a pet store. Because you will potentially have cats walk on you, they provide lint rollers to take the hair off your clothes before you leave.

There was a pleasant, calm atmosphere about the place, which I’m sure would not be the case if it were an all-dog cafe.

Honestly, it’s  not an amazing experience. But if you’re a cat-person, it’s worth checking out once.