This year, Daegu’s Lantern Festival was held near Duryu Park on Saturday April 30th.

It was extremely crowded.


I thought I was never going to find my friends. But eventually I did. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was nice to catch up.

Before the festivities got started, we walked around and took pictures.



It began to get dark around 7:30 pm. That’s when people began to release their lanterns into the air.


Brightly lit lanterns floating across the night sky with Daegu Tower standing in the background was such a beautiful sight.


As dreamy as this looks, getting out of the arena was a nightmare. I’ve never been trapped in such a dense crowd of people. We were packed shoulder-to-shoulder. We all got separated, but managed to find each other again after exiting. That’s when the parade started.


There were many different floats, but the dragons were my favorite.

If you can tolerate the crowds, I recommend attending this festival or others like it.