Dongwhasa is home to the tallest Buddha statue in Daegu, South Korea. I visited it this year during Buddha’s Birthday weekend.

I took the Red Line to Ayanggyo. I knew had to take Red Bus #1, but I didn’t know how to find it once I arrived at the station. Lucky for me, a local noticed that I looked lost, and offered to help. He spoke English very well because he had studied it in the US.

He led me to the right bus, and even got on with me because he happened to be going in the same direction. We had a nice conversation before he got off. I stayed until the second to last stop.

When I got off the bus, I had to follow signs for a while. It was a long walk just to reach the entrance. I didn’t realize until I arrived at the gate that you have to pay to enter. The ticket only cost 1,500 Won.

From there it was yet another long walk to the temple. But it was well worth the effort.


I asked a staff member to take a picture of me.


After she took the picture, I bowed and thanked her. As I was bowing and walking toward her to get my phone back, she accidentally snapped another shot.


After exploring the temples, I took another long walk up the road and then up several (over 100) steps to the top where the city’s tallest Buddha statue resides.


This beautiful place of worship was decorated for Buddha’s birthday. And all the decorations were made with love.