I recently visited the raccoon cafe here in Daegu with a group of friends. It wasn’t until I arrived that I knew the name of the cafe. It’s one of the most clever business names I’ve ever heard of.


I liked it more than the Cat Cafe because it doesn’t smell like a pet store.

There are adult raccoons and baby raccoons. The adults are locked up.


Customers can feed the babies with a bottle.


Shortly after this picture was taken we learned the hard way that you shouldn’t hold a baby raccoon immediately after it eats. This one went to the bathroom all over the Australian girl sitting next to me.

When it was my turn to hold it, they dressed it in a camouflage onesie while it slept on a pillow. My friends took a ton of pictures, but the lighting wasn’t that great, so I had to edit them.


For some reason one of the adult raccoons was set free to roam around the cafe. It ran under our table and between our feet, but didn’t see to really bother anybody. But one customer brought his dog, and the dog was play-fighting with the raccoon. Nobody seemed too concerned, and I don’t think they really hurt each other. To see a video of the fight, go here.

If you’re interested in visiting the raccoon cafe, here’s how to get there. It’s a unique experience that I highly recommend.

Take Bus 304 or 623 to Kyungbuk University North Gate.

Address: 12-1 Daehangno 17 gil, Bukgu, Daegu, South Korea.

If you’re traveling by metro, it’s on the Red Line.