These are some of the funniest things my Korean students have said to me. 

If you’re also an EFL teacher in Korea, feel free to comment with your own funny student quotes. 

me: “What did you drink when you were younger?”

student: “My mother’s milk.”


students: “Where are you from?”

me: “America.”

students: “Oh, we’re from Korea.”


student: “Do you know nuclear?”

me: “Yes. Why?”

student: “Kim Jong Un.”


me: “What is your dad’s hobby?”

student: Playing soccer.”

me: “What is your mom’s hobby?”

student: “Eating coffee.”


me: “What’s your dad’s job?”

student: “Driver.”

me: “What’s your mom’s job?”

student: “Watching TV.”


boy student: “Teacher, I love you!”

girl student: “Gay!”


student: “Trump very good?”

me: “No.”

student: “Yeah! High Five!”


girl student to boy student: “You is stupid and foolish.”