February 2014

Stay in enough international hostel dorm rooms, and you’re bound to have some strange encounters. My craziest experience occurred at the Siem Reap Hostel in Cambodia.

I stayed in a co-ed dorm room with four bunk beds. I was on the top bunk. The beds were only about two feet apart. A guy slept on the top bunk to the left of me.

One day, around 4 am, a loud sound woke me up. A girl had stumbled into the dorm and dropped her keys. Then she climbed into bed with that guy. They started kissing. Clothes started coming off.

I tried to look away and fall back asleep, but I couldn’t. The room was dead silent, except for the sound of lips smacking.

When I rolled back over, facing them again, they were clearly having sex.

I did fall asleep eventually, and when the sun woke me up, I rolled over to see the girl completely naked, lying on her back. Then she was on her side, with her back (and butt) facing me.

When they both woke up and realized everybody else in the room was starting to wake up too, they got dressed under the sheets.

I saw them check out at the front desk downstairs while I was walking to the cafeteria.

Everybody at breakfast was talking about the strange noises they heard in the middle of the night. I was the only one who witnessed the act.

November 2014

During my four days in New York City, I stayed at an international hostel because I couldn’t afford a hotel. Every hallway, stairwell, and room was extremely narrow. The shower was located directly across from my room. I could open my door, take two steps forward, and be in the shower, which was the size of a closet.

There was no shower curtain or any place to put your clothes. So I decided to just take my towel, soap and shampoo. After my shower, I took those two steps back to my room to get dressed. I tried to turn the doorknob, but my door wouldn’t open. I didn’t lock it, but it was locked.

I had to walk down two flights of stairs and across the lobby, which was full of people from all over the world, wearing nothing but a towel. I told the man behind the welcome counter what happened, and he said all the doors lock automatically. He failed to mention that when I checked in.

While he was escorting me back to my room, he said, “Don’t feel bad. You’re not the first.” Really?! Well, hopefully I was the last.