On February 18, 2016 I flew from San Francisco to Seoul on Singapore Air. My one-way ticket was under $500. Despite the extreme turbulence, it was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend.
This was the first plane I’ve been on that allowed passengers to charge their phones at their seats. The entertainment selection was also the biggest I’ve seen. There were dozens of current movies, TV shows, and music albums of every genre. I watched The Visit and The Walk. Shortly before we landed I listened to a few tracks from the Foo Fighter’s newest album.
The final feature I’d like to mention from this airline is that they served free wine and beer. I had a glass of red with my chicken dinner.

The following morning I flew Korean Air from Seoul to Busan. The one feature that stood out on this flight was one I’d never seen before. When one of the flight attendants came down the aisle taking drink orders, a few passengers were asleep. The flight attendant posted a notice on the seats in front of them. They would eventually wake up to a sign informing them (in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English) that they were asleep when orders were taken.

What are other flight features that have impressed you?