February 28, 2016

Daegu, South Korea

My apartment is across the street from my school where I teach. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to walk to work every morning.


I live on the 4th floor, but it’s listed as the 5th floor because 4 is an unlucky number.

There is no elevator in my building, so I work out my legs every day.


My ceiling is slanted so low that it touches my head when I walk near the wall.

I open my door with a number key pad instead of with a key. It locks automatically when I close it.


I’m taller than my fridge. I have a double-paned window that overlooks the rooftop, which I have access to. I use my table to write and study.


I have a gas stove. I don’t have an oven or a microwave.


My bedroom window does not open for some reason. It’s tinted, but the sun still wakes me up in the morning.


I hang my dress clothes in the top part of my closet and keep my folded clothes in the bottom two drawers.


My co-teacher labeled my thermostat. This heats my wood floors and the water in the kitchen and the water in the shower. My AC unit is on the wall across from my bed.


The washing machine is behind the plastic curtain. There is no dryer, so I hand-dry my clothes. The shower head is above the sink. It’s not separated from the toilet, so that gets wet every time I shower.

The bathroom was the hardest part to adjust to, but I’ve been here 10 months, so I’m used to it now.

To see a video tour of my apartment, click here.