I have been living in Korea for over a year now. Time has really flown by. One thing that motivates me to keep going when life here gets too stressful is knowing that I can continue living my dream by knocking yet another country off my bucket list.

For my next vacation I will be visiting Indonesia from August 16th to August 25th. That’s not nearly enough time to really experience this country, so in order to not rush myself I will spend most of my trip in Bali. I am planning this trip with the help of my Lonely Planet book and my Indonesia friend who lives in America.

The first week of October is a national holiday, and I plan to visit Hong Kong for a few days.

My next vacation after that will be in January. For that vacation, I’d like to visit Australia (and maybe New Zealand too if time and money allow).

If I renew my contract again, and stay a third year in Korea, the next countries I want to visit are Malaysia, Japan (again), and South Africa.

If I visit Australia and South Africa, I will have stepped foot on six continents before my 31st birthday.

When I leave Korea for good, I want to stay home in America for a few months before my next big trip. If I have enough money saved by then I want to travel to the following countries: China, India, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, and Greece. If, however, I don’t have enough money, I will use my Southwest points to fly to Cuba and/or Belize.

If you’ve been to any of these countries, feel free to leave recommendations in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.