1. Movie Theaters | Unlike American movie theaters, you can openly bring in outside food and drinks. When I went to see Dunkirk there was a waiting room on the seventh floor where my movie was playing. In that waiting room were six leather sofas so you can sit and relax in case you arrived too early. I also like that you can reserve a specific seat in the theater. Specifically here in Daegu, there are four movie theaters downtown all within walking distance of each other. So if you’re late to your movie, just walk across the street and try the other theater.
  2. Convenience | There is a 7-Eleven down the street from my apartment. It’s open 24/7 and I can walk to it in a minute. From my apartment I can also walk to my job, the post office, the bank, the hospital, gyms, restaurants, grocery stores, hair salons, and the subway station.
  3. Public Transportation | While there are benefits to having your own car, not needing one is pretty great. You can save so much money. The subway is cheap. Trains are fast. Bus stops are everywhere. Taxi drivers don’t scam foreigners (at least in my experience).
  4. Health | I get much more exercise here than I did back home in Louisiana. That’s partly due to the amount of walking required. I live on the top floor of my apartment building and there’s no elevator. My office is on the fourth floor of my school. There’s one elevator and hundreds of people, so I rarely use it. Also, I’ve been living in this foreign country for nearly two years and I have yet to get sick. If I do get sick within the next few months before I leave, I will spend much less on medicine than I would in America. Bottled water is also cheaper here.
  5. Nature | In addition to its modern metropolises, Korea is home to a fare share of beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls, and beaches.