Kuala Lumpur is not an easy city to navigate. I’ve gathered some information that should help your first visit to Malaysia’s capital go smoothly.


  • The metro system is comprised of 10 lines. Some are subway lines (underground), some are monorails (above ground), and the line to the Batu Caves is a train. Not every line runs on the same time schedule.
  • If you don’t want to waste time trying to find places on foot, take the KL Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. There are two types of tickets: 24 Hours and 48 Hours.
  • The Touch-N-Go card can be purchased from a myNEWS convenience store with a 10 RM deposit. You can use this card for the metro as well as many stores and restaurants.
  • Malaysia Airlines only flies out of Terminal 1; not Terminal 2.


  • The staff at Masjid Jamek hands out free small bottles of water to visitors.
  • KL Tower is a walkable distance from the Petronas Towers. You cannot walk directly to the tower. You must enter a hotel called KH. Take the elevator to the 7th floor, walk through the lobby and exit through the double glass doors. You will see a man selling tickets. An adult ticket to the observation deck costs 52 RM. After buying your ticket, you will take a free shuttle bus to the tower.
  • In order to get to the Batu Caves, you have to walk past all the monkeys and pigeons scavenging for food. There’s a lot of them.
  • After the Batu Caves, I recommend taking a guided tour of The Dark Cave. Unless you have a phobia of bats or being in complete darkness.
  • My friends and I visited the National Mosque and one of the volunteers offered to give us a lesson / tour, which quickly turned into her just trying to convert us to Islam for over an hour.


  • I find that most Southeast Asian countries, grocery stores take a back seat to street food vendors, and while I can’t speak for all of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has grocery stores that rival those in the US. Two amazing grocery stores can be found in KLCC–one in the station and the other in the mall connected to the station.
  • I ate at a few very good restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, but the only one I went back to was Arabesque. The lamb fateh was my favorite meal of the week.