After my teaching contract in China ended, I finally had enough money saved to travel for a whole month. This summer I visited Singapore, Greece, Ukraine, Italy, and Germany. I have so many beautiful pictures from this trip and I still have more to share.

Total Cost of Flights = $1,954 USD

Total Cost of Accommodation = $1,135 USD

Entire Trip = $4,682 USD

  1. Singapore
  • FAVORITES: My room at the Hotel G was very comfortable. The architecture is beautiful. I discovered animals at the zoo I’ve never heard of. I learned a lot at the history museum. The waterfall in the airport is really cool. The light & music show at the Super Tree Grove is very entertaining.
  • LEAST FAVORITES: The most expensive thing I did in Singapore was my laundry. My hotel charged me per clothing item, and the total was $112 USD.
  • ADVICE: Many restaurants in the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall have very long wait times for dinner. To avoid waiting in line for over an hour, arrive earlier than you normally would.


2. Athens, Greece

  • FAVORITES: Gyros! I recently ate at a Greek restaurant in Louisiana, and it wasn’t bad, but definitely not as good as it was in Greece.
  • LEAST FAVORITES: Nearly every building is covered in ugly graffiti.
  • ADVICE: Tickets are available for individual sites, which is what I purchased because I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to visit all of the temples. But you could buy one ticket for all.


3. Kiev, Ukraine

  • FAVORITES: The Chernobyl Tour. The beautiful cathedrals. The World War II museum. I learned so much about this country’s history from those three.
  • LEAST FAVORITES: When exploring the city on foot, it was easy to get lost due to the lack of street signs. The streets and sidewalks were not smooth or level. The escalators in the subway stations are very long, slow, and steep. I felt like I was going to fall.
  • ADVICE: Stay at the Kiev Central Hostel and get a discount on your Chernobyl tour.


4. Rome & Florence, Italy

  • FAVORITES: Pizza, spaghetti, gelato… I could walk almost everywhere.
  • LEAST FAVORITES: Public transportation was unpredictable. Sometimes I’d wait at a bus stop for a long time, and the bus would never show up. I tried riding the subway, and had to exit after one stop because the line I had to transfer to was blocked.
  • ADVICE: Get the MOOVIT app so you can follow the city buses in real time. Gelatarias (gelato shops) are cash-only.


5. Munich & Nuremberg, Germany

  • FAVORITES: Schnitzel with cranberry sauce. The tour of Dachau. The Nuremberg Trials museum.
  • LEAST FAVORITES: Some metro lines are blocked on weekends. The metro map is very confusing. Public transportation is expensive and tickets are not always checked, but you have to buy one just in case. The weather was cold and rainy.
  • ADVICE: Go to the Nuremberg Trials museum early because it takes so long to reach the end. It closed before I was able to see everything.


My YouTube videos of this trip → Singapore, Athens, ChernobylItaly and Germany